Spiritual education is not about religion or becoming a monk.

Monks walking
Monks Walking

Having a Spiritual education is not about religion or becoming a monk. It’s learning to understand who you really are. Humans have two parts to their state of existence, the human element, which is what we all see, and the “being” part of a human being. This “being” element has been with you since the beginning of time and is the hidden self that controls your feelings and instincts. Within this web site’s pages and relevant books are signposts that point you towards what you already know but have not yet uncovered.

Education in the west focuses on the intellect of the mind, and the being side of you remains unchanged from childhood. A portion of you known as being has always been there to help guide you through the various phases of growth. Understanding the inner-self and who you really are, helps to reinforce your decisions and actions. When you read through these pages, do so on a section by section basis. Bookmark where you left off and read often. Reading with a quick skim or a fiction novel will take you away from this publication’s true essence.

Self-help books, workshops and lectures provide a starting point for your journey through life. You may have read the right books, attended countless seminars, and listened to the most influential teachers on the planet. Why then has your life not changed for the better?

Missing part of the puzzle

The missing piece of the puzzle between trying harder and being smarter, between great insights and a great life, between acquiring wisdom and putting that wisdom into action in your life is your spiritual connection. This spiritual education website shows why the knowledge you possess doesn’t always show up in your life the way you expected. Doing more of what you do may be part of the problem. Only when you open your mind to limitless possibilities and apply the power of intention available to everyone will you achieve more. 

Personal Power

Worry comes from the belief you are powerless.

Dr Robert Anthony

Dr Robert Anthony

Dr Robert Anthony is known the world over as one of the leaders in the Personal Development field. He has worked as a master hypnotist, a psychotherapist, a personal performance trainer and an NLP practitioner. He is also skilled in EFT and several other healing modalities.

Knowledge Achieved by Taking Part
Knowledge Achieved by Taking Part

What you will learn

Take your time while browsing this Spiritual Education website, and you will see more and understand more after you slow down your reading. Having a quick overview of the layout of the material is OK, but come back often, read one section at a time, or view one of the videos several times. Reflecting on the content this way helps your mind establish a more valuable understanding of the intention of each page.  

What you will learn is that the mystery of life is real. The life you know is a small layer of events covering a deeper reality. You will know who you are and your purpose once a connection is rekindled between your outer self and inner self. Your outer self is what people see in your actions, and your inner self is the part that only you are aware of.

This project is suitable for all age groups and educational levels. One guiding principle about the content is that you will understand its content no matter where you are now in your life. Whether you are a 20-year-old or over the age of 70, you will find the content easy to read. I have translated into day-to-day language some of the ancient words used by scholars. When learning about spirit, it is not always about words; it’s about a feeling. Some of the ancient spiritual terms have no English equivalent. You are encouraged to have a feel for their meaning. You can find a good starting point on your journey to learn more about the spiritual connections you already have in a book I have written primarily for beginners called: Synchronicity. The magic of synchronicity brings into your life meaningful coincidences which can lead to your synchro destiny.

We are family

Can you boil an egg?

Boil an egg

Can you boil an egg? That is a strange question you may think to ask on a spiritual teaching website! The point is that whether you are a 10-year-old or a 70-year-old if you have never boiled an egg. Then you would have to be taught from the beginning; that age is irrelevant. That is the aim of this website project to reach as many people as possible with the right information to improve their lives. A lot of the data used is from the translation of texts that are over 2,500 years old.

Sometimes experts in their field use terminology that is familiar to them but not to a novice. Easy to follow ideas and theories from the experts are published throughout this site. I have my own spiritual story to tell, but it is not about me. It is about how you can improve your life by understanding each page’s information. My tip is to read these pages often, take your time and do further research to take you to the joy of life itself.

A few details that you will learn

It’s not about the religion of any denomination. It’s about you being connected back to your inner self. You have always been connected, but it has been suppressed over the years. The way this suppression occurs is that in your day-to-day activity, you become focused on tasks such as work, family, study, and socialising. This is the usual way of life for most of the population.

Through Spiritual Education, you will learn how to find, once again, that connection with who you really are. The benefits you will reveal are unique to you. Here are just a few of the benefits: better health, both mental and physical; lasting relationships; more confidence; more alertness to job or business opportunities; the power of manifestation, synchronicity, and love plus a lot more knowledge about life itself.

About this spiritual education project

Creating a Spiritual Education for myself was the aim of this project. To make a starting point for myself, I researched books written by the most accomplished experts. Those written works contained terminology that I had to familiarise myself with before I could grasp the meaning. My studies were carried out over 20 years and haven’t stopped yet.

Since the year 1986, I have been interested in how spiritualism can be integrated into our life. I had been raised to understand that there was a higher power that had control over our life.
But this seemed a difficult concept to grasp once I moved into adulthood, especially when you cannot see this power. My first encounter with a new way of looking at life was in 1986 when I received the gift of a book titled ‘Self-realization’ (American spelling). I partially answered questions about life, but I needed to know more.
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Worlds greatest spiritual education life teachers

The research of the world’s highest life teachers is contained within this project. Links are provided where possible to each expert’s website so that you can authentic the content deployed on this site. Some of their written works are also quoted in videos. You can purchase their books through the link provided via Amazon on the relevant book page.

knowledge of life – spiritual education

You will read about one topic humans have more power from birth than any other creature. Humans can self-heal. For example, when we receive a small cut on our skin, it immediately starts to heal. It is not by accident that the wound heals. We are all equipped with an intelligence capable of healing, provided we give our bodies the right environment. A lot of the time, our intellectual knowledge gets in the way of nature.

Freedom Tames the Mind

Your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy. The choice is yours. Anxiety and depression are both caused by a state of mind, as are success and fulfilment.

Become Awakened

A generous gift has been given to us from birth but has been mostly suppressed. Once this gift is Awakened, your life will change. So, what is this mysterious gift?
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Reading about spiritual education it’s own is not enough

Our time has value
Reading Tablet

Reading this Spiritual Education guide without taking action will not be enough to improve your life. To truly advance towards a better experience, you must take action. This action does not involve spending money. It’s about spending time with yourself – the inner you. Any book or teacher can only give you signposts as to the direction you should take.

A Spiritual Education Synchronicity book is available, especially for newcomers into the world of spirituality. This book is written in basic English, and confusing words in other spiritual books are translated into an easily understandable format. There is a Kindle version available on Amazon. The link above will take you to the download page.

Natural Health and Spiritual Education

Meditation pose
Meditation pose

We live in a world where we have rules and systems that programme us to become more reliant on “the system” than our own natural healing process. What is the system? It is the conditioning that you have had since childhood that you MUST rely on medication to cure a health problem. When illness occurs, most people reach for pharmaceutical medicine, either off the shelf or with a prescription. Prescribed medications can have side effects and do not always get to the main cause of the illness.
There is another way though, a more natural way, to cure some of the modern world’s problems.

Health shops – Spiritual Education

Maybe you are surprised by this article titled Natural Health, primarily if you have been used to visiting the health shops on your High street. Health products and vitamins can assist with your sense of well-being, but they play a smaller part in your long-term health than the secrets revealed in this article. Reading is not enough; it is about taking the necessary action based on the knowledge you have acquired.

Have you ever taken vitamins or supplements that did not give you the benefit as expected or if they did, was it only a short-term benefit? As you read through this article, you will understand the importance of vitamins and supplements as a complementary addition to your natural health. These products, though, can be overshadowed by other elements in your life.

This section will read about how your life does not need to be controlled by medication. Once you understand the evidence for yourself and put it into practice, your health and life will become the best version of you.
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Knowledgeable Spiritual Education Teachers

All knowledge is provided is by some of the world’s leading experts on their specialist topics. Some of the terminology that the experts use will not be familiar to most newcomers in this area. Therefore, I have translated those terms into a day to day language that can be more easily understood.
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A few of the experts who have had their work quoted and books published are listed. There are links to the books which are available through this site at the Amazon bookstore. When you buy a book through Amazon via the link provided, you will be contributing to the maintenance and publication of material of this site. There are no adverts on this site.


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