What does Natural Health Really Mean?

Natural Health

You might be surprised by this article titled Natural Health, primarily if you have been used to visiting the health shops on your High street. Good health goes deeper than the food, vitamins and exercise people take. It takes you to a place in your body that is the starting point for optimum well-being. Health products and vitamins can assist with your sense of well-being, but they play a smaller part in your long-term health than the secrets revealed in this article.

Have you ever taken vitamins or supplements that did not give you the benefit as expected or if they did, was it only a short-term benefit? As you read through this article, you will read about the importance of vitamins and supplements as a complementary addition to your natural health. These products, though, can be overshadowed by other elements in your life.

Natural foods
Natural foods

DNA Natural Health Life Path

The article illustrates how from birth, our health condition moves along a path based on our DNA, environment of family, friends, schooling etc. The genes you were born with do not have to be your destiny; you can change them. When we become ill, a concept that we have in the West is that a doctor prescribes medicine, but in the East, food is the medicine of the body, and meditation is the food of the soul.

Eat the right types of food to keep your body in balance, and should it ever get out of balance, which it will frequently, change to another food group to restore the balance. A human body that stays out of balance for a length of time causes illness or disease. The signs of being out of balance can go unrecognised until, eventually, you become ill. The largest cause of becoming out of balance which mostly goes unrecognised is the state of mind.

Your inner body

Although we experience our bodies as dense, they are more like sparks that are continually ignited and then reignited by an invisible energy field. Our skin is new every five weeks; We grow new stomach linings every five days; Each year, ninety-eight per cent of the total number of atoms in our bodies gets replaced. Ancient healing methods give us the tools to intervene at the quantum level, a place where renewal takes place daily.
The physical body that we all know is the outer layer of a more subtle body called the quantum mechanical human body. The basic fabric of nature lies at the quantum level, which is smaller than an atom or molecule. At the quantum level, your body sends out all kinds of invisible signals, waiting for you to pick them up.

Quantum pulse

You have a quantum pulse underlying your physical one and a quantum heart. You may wonder what has this got to do with natural health? Your mind provides a connection between the body you know and the universal energy that provides life to all living entities. When your mind is disturbed, it transmits this nonlocal energy to your cells which in turn shows up as aches, pains, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that the medical profession finds mystifying. You may well be prescribed medication, not as a cure but as a pacifier.

Six Stages of Disease

Visualise the inner you at the cellular level as a starting point to obtain optimum health. From this point, think like a cell by using your mind. Imagine how your cells will feel if you feed them nourishment with the right foods and peaceful thoughts. Both nourishment and thoughts will control how your cells behave. Hold that thought when you read the next section.
The first stages of any disease are entirely consciousness-based (mind and thoughts – approximate translation). Only the final phase includes any physical signs or symptoms. By learning to recognise the disease process in its earliest forms, you can restore internal balance with minimum discomfort.

The stages

  1. ACCUMULATION: An imbalance caused by toxicity begins to accumulate somewhere inside the body.
  2. AGGRAVATION: As the build-up progresses, it may be barely noticeable as tiredness or vague discomfort.
  3. PROPAGATION: If the imbalance continues, it is no longer contained. There may be more persistent fatigue or difficulty in focusing attention.
  4. LOCALISATION: Specific symptoms begin to appear, such as stiffness or other discomforts.
  5. MANIFESTATION: A distinct episode of dysfunction occurs, such as single joint arthritis, an angina episode, or the early stages of an infection.
  6. DISRUPTION: If efforts to reverse the process are not instituted, a full-blown disease occurs.

You may have thought it a strange suggestion to communicate with your body cells by thought. They are your cells; they belong to you, so do not isolate your thoughts away from the inner you. Your thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious, will affect your cells. Continue to read this project and discover how your mind controls your life. Knowing how to use your thoughts will change your life.

Connect to your inner self

The way to connect to your inner self is through meditation. Practising meditating at least once a day, preferably twice, will calm the inner you and start your cells’ repair process. The fast pace fast living world we have in the West affects our innermost beings, and those six stages of the disease process start to manifest. Do not worry, though, if you think you have passed the point of no return. Your body is a remarkable creation that can regenerate itself, given the right environment.

Meditation pose
Meditation pose

Mindfulness Meditation is a Natural Health Benefit

You will not need to sit cross-legged on the floor or in a cave. Find somewhere where you will not be disturbed and sit in a comfortable chair.

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Gently, allow your awareness to rest on your breathing. Observe your breath as you breathe in and out.
  3. Be aware of your breathing. Do not try to alter it in any conscious way.
  4. As you observe your breath, you may notice that it changes. It may vary in speed, rhythm or depth. There may even be occasions when the breath seems to stop for a time.
  5. You will find times when attention drifts from your breath and then will move to thought. Some sensation or a sound in the environment. Whenever you notice that you are not observing your breath, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.
  6. During Mindfulness Meditation, relinquish any expectations you may have during the practice. At times you may notice that a feeling or mood is predominant in your awareness. If you see that you are focusing on a feeling, mood or expectation, treat this as you would any other thought. Then gently bring your awareness back to your breathing.
  7. Now pause for a few minutes before opening your eyes slowly.
  8. Practice this technique sitting for about 15 minutes daily.

Experience natural health restfulness

As you start to meditate and experience restful alertness, you will begin to have new insights, realisations, and entirely logical experiences. You will begin to see into the eye of your mind, which has its own rationality. Don’t ignore any thoughts or feelings you may experience. Any unfamiliar ideas you may produce come from a state of alertness that only meditation can provide. Meditation will help you tap into your creative source and help you reach a new level of awareness.

I have authored a book titled Synchronicity which describes two meditation techniques for beginners and an introduction to spiritualism.