About this spiritual education project

This is a spiritual education project that provides insight into becoming more spiritually connected to everything, including people in our world.
Most people do not delve into the spiritual side of life until a significant event occurs, such as a bereavement, severe illness or a relationship breakup. It is mainly for those that this website will become most helpful.
Spiritualism is not about sitting on the floor in a cave with your legs crossed and meditating. It is about living your life to the full, in both health, wealth and happiness. When I first came to study life from a spiritual perspective, I thought I had to become a hermit. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Spiritual Education becomes a way of life

My interest in spiritualism began some 35 years ago, in 1986, when I received a book as a gift titled ‘Self-realization’ (American spelling). The book was intriguing, to say the least. I had never thought of life in the way the book described the realities of the cycles of our life journey. The years preceding 1986 were very magical, even though I had my fair share of trauma. I didn’t realise at the time that I always had someone looking out for me. Now I realise who that was and is still guiding me. I want to share with you, especially if you are depressed or suffering from anxiety, that there is a way to become happy, vibrant and enjoy life in all of its wonderment.

This project is written as a guide to encourage others to look at their life from a spiritual position and experience the making of a new life full of miracles that usually go unnoticed.

Spiritualism is not about believing in God but knowing that a higher energy force than yourself exists. Some people refer to this force as God, Shiv, Krisna, plus many more names. No matter what name you give to this force, it still exists. This force controls the way we think and generally runs our lives. We have complete control through our thoughts. It’s what we think and how we use those thoughts that matter.

First Spiritual Realisation

Reading this book captivated my full attention to what life is all about. The first pages in the book grabbed my attention with the following sentence.

At present human society is being misled by leaders who are blind, for they do not know the aim and objective of human life………

His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The book goes on to explain the way we should conduct our lives is by understanding ourselves. When we know ourselves, we can better understand others.

Learning Spiritual Education

Spiritualism is about understanding who you are, and how you are made up of energy that regenerates your 50 trillion cells in your body every split second. As you read this, you are not the same person in terms of body cell structure that you were five minutes ago. Everything in the universe is transforming every minute of every day but largely goes unnoticed, except for the weather or night and day, which we can see. Once the acceptance of this ongoing transformation is understood and applied to the human form, it becomes clearer for the reasons for our life’s ups and downs.

About Malcolm Ogston

Malcolm Ogston
Malcolm Ogston

Malcolm Ogston has written the book Synchronicity, especially with the beginner in mind who is curious about venturing into the world of spiritual education. Some books on spiritual topics can be confusing when read for the first time. Synchronicity presents a book written in everyday language, and a glossary provides terms that are spiritual by nature. However, there will be people who are not yet ready to understand the spiritual concepts contained in the book. 

Synchronicity is the coming together of meaningful coincidences that happen every day but mostly go unnoticed. Once you start to experience these moments, you feel uplifted and curious to find out more. We all love a mystery and becoming familiar with it. Synchronicity’s universal laws provide a starting point in the world of spiritualism. It is an extraordinary world where miracles become created through divine intelligence that goes unseen and has existed since the beginning of time.

The reason for this spiritual website

As I develop this website for you, I hope that you can share with others in the sheer joy of life itself.
You will read that you are a spirit soul with a body rather than a body with a spirit. Changing this thought around will change your life around. From relationships, careers and happiness. Why do life circumstances not always work out as planned? Some people have all the luck while others have none? Why are we here on this planet? Who are you? The answer to these questions and many more are within these pages.

Researching the world’s greatest spiritual masters, mind thinkers and writers of our time, including those from over 2,500 years ago, has gone into this publication. This work does not conform to a classroom science textbook format, and neither is it a religious publication. It does not support any religious belief. It is a platform for helping those who are feeling lost within the boundaries of their life. Hopefully, they will find answers that help achieve a better life experience.

The world of spirit goes unseen

Also covered in this spiritual education project are topics such as the world we live in. Our lives have turned into a daily build-up of stress in the West, including anything, from being late for work to not meeting our work targets, paying the bills and relationship breakups. When we become ill, we can only see the doctor for 10 minutes, which means we miss out on the human connection. On the whole, this is creating a sick population. We exist on a daily dose of unnatural chemicals in our fresh food and our water. Even organic foods are not 100% organic in the mass market.

The word ‘organic’ came into being as mass food production became intensified. An awareness of these modern developments can help guide you away from processed foods that may cause health issues.

I hope you enjoy exploring this project and learning from the digital books I have made available for you to download. As the site evolves, I have the intention to provide personal consultations through either a messenger service or video link.

Why not look at the book I have created with the beginner in mind? The book Synchronicity details how meaningful coincidences lead to your Synchrodestiny. You can read more about the book & download it from Amazon Kindle. Alternatively, click the book cover to download.

Synchronicity Book
Synchronicity Book