Power of Intention will work for you

You may have heard of the power of intention, but what exactly is it, and how is it achieved? As an example last week you may have intended to cut the grass, but you didn’t. Does that mean that your power of intention did not work? Well, in a way, yes, because you didn’t follow your intention through.

At the level mentioned above, the power of intention is not significant. But in the larger picture of your life goals; however, it does demonstrate the basic principle of an intention. Before you do anything in life, you have to create the will to proceed toward your intended goal. In the above example, for cutting the grass, you would have had to, first of all, be motivated. Secondly, you need to find the right tools to carry out that task. Once you have found the right tool, and especially if it’s located in your tool shed, does it still work or need some TLC to get it to work? If you haven’t got the right tool, where can you get one from?

As you can see, the list is long for a simple task, and this can cause demotivation. That’s your excuse for not cutting the grass!

Using the power of Intention to create a better life

The intention to create a better life requires more mental energy than carrying out a domestic chore. If you have the passion and the feeling for a better life, that life will become a reality when you connect to a greater power source greater than the world of form and boundaries. This limitless, invisible force is everywhere, so it’s both physical and non-physical. Your physical body is one part of your wholeness flowing from this energy. From the time you were conceived, intention sets in motion how your physical form will appear and how your growing and ageing process will unfold.

It also sets in motion your non-physical aspects, including emotions, thoughts and nature. In this instance, the intention is unlimited potential to activate your physical and nonphysical appearance on Earth. You have been formed out of the universe to become present in time and space (which means you are here now in this time and occupying your place in life). Because it’s extensive, this energy field of intent is accessible to you after your physical arrival here on Earth! The only way you deactivate this Dormont force is by believing that you are separate from it.

Activating intention means rejoining your origin and becoming the creator of your destiny. Being a creator means attaining the level of awareness where previously unbelievable things are available. This field of intention is here now and available to you. When you activate it, you will begin to feel purpose in your life, and you will be guided by your inner-self or your being as in human-being,