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The images are meant for enjoyment and sometimes reflection about your personal life situation. I hope you enjoy looking at them. If you enjoy videos, you can visit our Spiritual Education channel on YouTube.

Entering a state of bliss

One thing we all need in life is to live in a state of bliss. This blissful state is the natural way of life, although we generally do not see it that way. We have to create our own version of bliss as often as we can. Looking at inspirational videos and images is one way to create your private state of bliss. Music is another way to be inspired. Have you ever been left in an emotional state of comfort when you hear certain songs? Before composing this post, I listened to John Lennon singing his song at the London 2012 Olympics – “Imagine”. That created a great stirring of emotion deep down in my soul, especially watching the children singing with sign language on centre stage.