What is Synchronicity?

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Synchronicity – A beginners Guide to the World of Spiritual Coincidences

Synchronicity is the coming together of seemingly unconnected events. Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung coined the word Synchronicity to denote the moments of coincidences that are meaningful. In our lives, we experience coincidences regularly. For example, when you are thinking of a friend or relative, a text message arrives from that person. Most people would say, “What a coincidence, I was just thinking of you”.

A letter that arrives from someone you were thinking about earlier becomes a synchronicity moment. Maybe a leaflet gets delivered through the door from a furniture company marketing their new range of products. And you had been considering upgrading to a modern sofa.

People usually imply that those were coincidences and think nothing more about it. Synchronicity goes one step further on those coincidences and is called a meaningful coincidence. It shows us how to use those events to take us towards our destiny in life – our SynchroDestiny. Those events show us the hidden path available to us all, should we choose to follow them.

We all love a mystery, and becoming familiar with Synchronicity’s universal laws provides a starting point into the breath-taking world of spiritualism. We get a sense of optimism that something more powerful than us is out there, more than what we can imagine. It is an extraordinary world where miracles become created through divine intelligence that goes unseen and has existed since the beginning of time.

More about the Synchronicity Book

This beginner’s guide will help those who primarily want to enjoy reading spiritual books without struggling to understand the meaning of unfamiliar terms written in the spiritual environment. When read as a novel, this book may seem intriguing. When read as a workbook and action taken, it will become life-changing.

My aim for the readers of this book is to show a doorway to a world of endless possibilities. Each chapter starts with a part of the puzzle of Synchronicity, which may be mystifying at first. With patience and a reread now and again, the bigger picture will emerge, and your journey of possibilities will begin.

The book can be purchased from Amazon and read on any device using a free Kindle app.

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Beginners Guide to the Mystery of Synchronicity and Awareness of Meaningful Coincidences

In any feature of human life, attention and awareness always promote growth. Putting our attention on a particular subject or circumstance, the object of our attention will grow stronger. This principle is very important for synchronicity because the more you become aware of meaningful coincidences in your life, the more often you will experience them. Read more on Spiritual Education YouTube Channel.