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When delving into the world of spiritualism for the first time, some spiritual terms can be confusing or misunderstood. This Spiritual Education website and YouTube project aim to help clarify and put into perspective those terms. For example, the word “consciousness”, when referred to by most people, would mean “not being unconscious or awake”. In spiritual terms, consciousness has several levels of meaning. Go to the page on spiritual terms for other spiritual terms.

People may have lost a family member and will benefit from this YouTube channel and website. Beginners guide to the world of spirit would be a simple description for this channel. Becoming spiritual is not a process you do because you are already spiritual since you were born. It’s just that most people have lost that spiritual connection because society focuses more on intellect than spirit.

Words such as consciousness, enlightenment, depression, anxiety, subconscious, meditation, Buddha. To name a few of the words. Maybe unclear to the beginner. YouTube video tutorials are added as the website and YouTube channel grows. Together with words of wisdom from the worlds greatest speakers and writers. The website will reference books and other useful material to guide you through your magical and mystical journey of life.

A page called synchronicity gives a good starting point to experience the magical world of spirit. You will find a Synchronicity Kindle book link that enables you to purchase the “Beginners Guide to Spiritual Coincidences” on that page.

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The pink elephant is the adopted logo for the SPIRITUAL EDUCATION YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest apps. When searching for inspiration or knowledge about the spiritual aspects of life, look out for the pink elephant. On the Spiritual Education, YouTube channel playlist are videos from some of the worlds most influential motivational and knowledgeable speakers.