Spiritual Terms Explained for beginners.

A Beginners Guide

This beginners guide to spiritual terms is published for those who are not familiar with the concepts written in some spiritual books. For instance, most people’s word consciousness refers to a person being awake against being unconscious, i.e. “knocked out”. In spiritual terms, most of the world’s population is unconscious because they are not aware of other states other than their day-to-day activities.

Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower

Useful spiritual terms

Ayurveda – The ancient philosophy of Ayurveda is based on a deep understanding of the structure of a human body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda origins go back 5,000 years or more and are a focused healing practice for the person as a whole being. The lotus is the national flower of India, and its petals represent the eight branches of Ayurveda.

Being – As in human-being. The word to the spiritual part of who
you are is your own deepest self, your true nature. Some people refer to it
as the soul. It is the inner you, the part of you that is your personality.

Consciousness – refers to the mental state of staying awake or aware of
what is happening at any given moment. In spiritual terms, a person who is
not ready to learn about spiritualism lives in an unconscious state of mind.
Most people in the world live in a state of unconsciousness.

A crowd consciousness exists when the majority are thinking the same way. For
example, during the years of slave trading, most people thought there was
nothing wrong with the trading of slaves. A shift in the consciousness of
the people had to happen before governments abolished slavery.

Struggling to follow spiritual concepts?

If you are struggling to follow this website concept, your consciousness may not have
yet developed enough to take on board some of the facts mentioned. If so,
try re-reading and pausing frequently or even logging out for a
day or two; this gives your mind the chance to process the new

Cosmos – The universe seen as a well-ordered whole. Planets, energy
forces, galaxies.

DNA– A self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as
the primary carrier of genetic information tracing back to the beginning of

Ego – Ego is that part of your mind that always knows best. It is never
wrong in an argument or discussion, and it still has to win. It is the part of
you that provides road rage or some other argumentative gesture. It can
also create drama out of any event and is responsible for depression or
anxiety conditions.

Frequency – Energy travels through space as a waveform, similar to the
waves on an ocean’s surface. Frequency is the measurement from one
wave peak to another, and different frequencies occur when the energy
level alters.

Identified – In spiritual terms, this means “attached to”: “associate with”:
“relate to”. In other words, do not judge a situation nor carry anger in your
mind. View everything with impartiality and let go of any judgement or
labelling of a problem.

Illusion – A distortion of the senses, usually through sight because vision
often dominates other senses—a deceptive appearance or impression. In
spiritual terms, your body is an illusion because it transforms every second
of every day. When you started to read this book, your body was different
from what it is now.

A human body is composed of between 50 and 100 trillion cells that regenerate every split second. Therefore, because we are continually regenerating, we are here one second and gone the next.
We do not see this change because our senses are not sensitive enough to
detect the changes, so we see ourselves as a solid object which we are not.
(This explanation is suitable for a beginner, but it has a much deeper
meaning. I would encourage you to study further works on this topic if you
need to go into more depth, but it is not essential.)

Mantra – Has two components: “man”, which is the root sound of the word
mind, and “tra”, which is the root sound of the word instrument.
The term”mantra” means an instrument of the mind.

Manifestation – Is the creation of an event or happening through meditation or affirmation.

Pure potential – Is the ability to be able to create. For example, if you have
the right ingredients, you can make a cake, and you, therefore, have the
potential to bake a cake. Whether you use that or not is up to you.
Pure, in this sense, means absolute or complete.

Primordial – Primordial means it has existed since the beginning of time.

Seer – A seer is a person who has visions of the future.

Subconscious – refers to that part of the mind responsible for actions that
you do without conscious thought. Such as walking, sitting, brushing your
teeth. Those activities, along with many others, were taught to you in the
first seven years of your life and will never be forgotten.

Your mind is like a sponge in those early years in life – soaking up all-new pieces of
information. This part of your mind is responsible for 95% of your daily

Transcend – Go beyond or rise above the state of the material world.

Universal energy – Is the energy that permeates throughout the universe
as a web of endless intelligence—sometimes known in the scientific world
as the nonlocal, divine matrix, divine intelligence, quantum field or ether.
Can be globally referred to as God by religion or other beliefs,

Vedas – Earliest body of Indian scripture.

Vedanta – Vedanta is a Hindu philosophy based on the ancient writings of
mystical and monastic terms.

A Quantum field – This is a field of energy that interacts with matter as a cause-and-effect relationship.